A Great Tour Experience

Insider Tip: Start at the farms furthest from Charlotte and work your way backwards. You’ll avoid tour congestion that way, and get the best selection of products available for sale!
NO PETS (including monkeys!)

Outside animals can be a hazard to livestock and pose food safety threats to produce growers.

WATCH YER STEP (and yer children!)

Remember these are working farms, with potentially harmful equipment, electric fences, etc. While our farmers do their best to keep guests safe, it is up to you to ensure your own safety.

WASH YER HANDS (and yer feet!)

Take time to wash your hands after petting an animal. We will provide hand sanitizer at every farm if washing facilities are not available.

You may also be asked to disinfect your shoes in a harmless vinegar solution in order to prevent farm-to-farm transmission of germs that might infect livestock.

RESPECT THE FARMERS (and their homes!)

Observe the hours of the tour, as farmers have chores and other work that they must do outside the tour. Do not enter private homes unless given express permission by the owner.

Remember that farmers understand the dangers of a working farm better than everyone.  Do not wander about unless you have explicit permission to do so.

Don’t Forget!

__ Raincoat
__ Close-toed Shoes
__ Sunscreen
__ Water
__ Checks or Cash
__ Cooler
__ Brochure & Map
__ Camera
__ Fill the Tank!