Suggested Routes

  Fall 2014 Farm Tour

Special Interest Farm Groupings

The following information was reported by the farms indicated; actual activities may vary on the day of the tour.


No animal products on the farm


1. Lineberger’s Maple Springs Farm: Fruits, vegetables, greens


Farm does not produce animal products for consumption, but animal products may be available or sold


1. Thomas Bee Farm: Honey

2. Good Karma Ranch Alpacas: Wool

3. Wish We Had Acres: Milk, Soap


Farm offers special activities for children and families


1. Allee’Bubba Farms: Horseshoe painting, feeding chickens and ducks, horseback ride, “cow” milking

2. Good Karma Ranch Alpacas: Petting, coloring, education

3. Ellis Farm: Milking demonstration, molasses-making demonstration

4. Apple Orchard Farm: Honey sampling, feed animals

5. Wish We Had Acres: Milking demonstration, photos with goats, bobbing for pears/apples, face painting, feeding goats


6. Bader Hill Farm: Petting donkeys and goats, hunting for eggs (maybe)

7. Lineberger’s Maple Springs Farm: Hay rides, farm-themed playground, educational exhibits, picnic shelters

8. Birdbrain Ostrich Ranch: Feeding birds, painting eggshells

9. Shady Oaks Farms: Bluegrass band, gourmet cooking demonstration

10. Devine Farms: Scavenger hunt, wagon ride through pumpkin field, play yard, corn maze

Special Interest

Farm uses organic or environmentally-friendly methods, or has heritage/heirloom products


1. Allee’Bubba: Certified organic, endangered heritage chickens

2. Apple Orchard Farm: Environmentally safe, solar/wind power, heritage hogs, heirloom plants


3. Clearview Farms: Antibiotic and hormone-free, free-range eggs

4. Bader Hill Farm: Free-range eggs

5. Lineberger’s Maple Springs Farm: Integrated pest management

6. Shady Oaks Farms: Free-range eggs

Prepared Food Available

Farm will have prepared food available for purchase and on-site consumption


1. Allee’Bubba Farms: Cooked farm products, fresh-churned ice cream

2. Wish We Had Acres: Herbal tea, wild-caught fish, chili


3. Shady Oaks Farms: Baked goods

4. Devine Farms: Packaged drinks and snacks